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Count Down Begins Before our Big Wedding Day on Saturday :O)

This Blog will be deleted soon so everyone can head on over to our new blog where we will be sharing our new life together and journey. You can get the link from our new FB Page.

Today I am so excited. The count down begins till our wedding day. God has blessed us both with the most amazing strength and love and happiness. Soon we plan on having a new edition to our beautiful family. I'm praying for a little girl this time so I can spoil her. In less than 48hrs we will be Happily Married. We've waited so many yrs. for this special day to come. Thou, saddens me he will be re-deployed in January of 2013 once again. We are both excited to finally start this new journey in our life with the great deal of support from our friends and families who have always been their for us through each deployment....... I picked up my wedding dress and it's as beautiful as the day I saw it. My sons looked amazing in their Tuxedos. My future step-mother in law looked amazing in her wedding dress. Thou I still think my father-in-law could have picked another wedding date instead of wanting a double wedding. Nothing like the 2 best woman in the world marrying into the family on the same day to the men they love to death. In the end we are all Thankful that God has brought us all together and has joined us all as 1 Big Family.  We are Thankful for our friends and family who will gather with us all on Saturday and celebrate our love for each other and happiness.

We still have a lot of stuff to get done. Took a lot to sell my parent's home and leave all the wonderful memories behind but the family who bought it I'm sure will build their own beautiful memories in it.

We are still packing and hopefully have emptied our houses by tonight. We love our new house. Will put up pictures as we settle in when we get back from our fabulous Honeymoon in August.